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Open letter:

Dear MTN Group,

Have you ever given so much to a company and they treat you like you nothing ... well that is what Mtn Group is doing to its employees.

I started working for MTN in 2013, its 2019 and yet i am still a temp with no benefits and nothing to show. Earlier this year there where talks about making us permanents well that was after the law has passed that you cannot employ people as temps for more than three months, unfortunately that has now resulted in MTN selling stores to divert retrenchments and making us permanents.

People have been serving 10 to 12 years to a company that does not recognise or value their service. Imagine working full 11 years as a temp? No benefits, no recognition, nothing. Its like we don't exist. Do you know what it feels like to give a company a good 11 years? And they act like you are not of value to them? Thats how we are treated.

On monday the 26th of August 2019, people who have worked for 2-3 years were summoned to the head office and made permanents. Only 11 people.

I wrote this crying, it breaks my heart that an environment that I work for has become so toxic. Have you ever logged on to your emails and you get an email that says ONLY PERMANENTS? Invites ONLY PERMANENTS? 13th cheque ONLY PERMANENTS? Concerts ONLY PERMANENTS? BONUS only PERMANENTS? We are constantly sidelined. You go home and cry everyday after work because WHY YOU?

Its so sad because we are still expected to meet targets and work hard and yet we are treated like this? Do we have to make noise so that they can hear our grievance? Do we have to go and report them to labour and CCMA for them to hear us? MTN HAS FAILED ITS OWN EMPLOYEES.

Signed your staff.

PS. If i made spelling errors i apologies, thats what happens when you write with so much frustration, anger and tears just to be heard, valued and treated equally.

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