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To Sebastian James - UK Manager of Boots and Tracey Clements - Chief Operating Officer at Boots UK,

As Boots workers, it's really tough to get time with our families like holidays or special occasions. That's because right now, we have to try and book all our holidays at the start of each year.

The current form system doesn’t work. Boots expect us and our families to just fit around the inflexible holiday system, but sometimes there are emergencies or surprises - families don’t work on a schedule.

Family time is the most important thing, and because so many of us work so hard, we deserve to be able to plan our holidays when it works for us.

Please change the holiday booking system to a new system that:

  • Doesn’t need everyone to fill in their holiday requests before holiday is given out

  • Lets us book some holiday time with our families at shorter notice than a year


Boots staff and customers

Why is this important?

Here's what a few Boots staff are saying:

"It’s impossible to plan a year's holidays in advance, especially with a family” - Boots employee and mother of two

"I think that we are expected to work really hard but when we need time off for holiday it is made very difficult for us. We should be treated fairly for all of our hard work” - Boots staff member of 11 years

Thousands of us Boots staff struggle to plan time away with families and loved ones when we need to.

In lots of other workplaces it's not like this, staff get to request holiday throughout the year. If staff at other companies get to plan holiday and be with their families when they need, so should Boots staff.

All Boots staff deserve a fair holiday system. But we'll only get Boots HQ to listen if lots of us join in. Please sign the petition now: Sign the petition

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