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To Steve Murrells - CEO of Co-op,

Put an end to one on one shifts and have at least 3 staff for all shifts. Having just two staff is not enough to do all the work required whilst keeping customers happy.

It's also unsafe to have just one staff on the shop floor and one in the back in case of an accident.

Please put an end to one on one shifts and replace them with something safer, better for the customer and managable for your staff.


Your employees and customers

Why is this important?

At present we work on a one on one basis, this puts a lots of unnecessary stress on staff.

We frequently have customers complaining about having to queue, about the lack of stock on the shelves and the fact that there are never staff members on the shop floor to help customers. This not only puts stress on the manager but also on the rest of the staff, which leads to low staff morale and staff members going off sick. It also means good staff leaving the company.

One to one shifts also cause problems for health and safety as often there is only one member of staff on shop floor leaving them vulnerable. The staff member at the back of the store could also have an accident, the other staff member going to know before it might be too late to help.

We need at least 3 members of staff on every shift. We need to make our workplace a safer place to work.

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