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To Paul Pomroy - UK boss of McDonald's

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To Paul Pomroy, CEO of McDonald's UK

- Pay all your employees at least £10 per hour.
- Give your staff a minimum hours contract they approve of.
- Make sure your staff have the proper equipment to keep them safe at work.
- Train your managers to stop bullying in your stores.

McDonald's UK Staff and Customers

Why is this important?

McDonald's is a massive company with tens of thousands of employees in the UK. It's not fair that staff should have to cope on minimum wage and top up our family with benefits when we can't make ends meet.

McDonald’s should be a fairer employer. We've been told empty promises on pay for too long. That's why we're demanding a proper pay rise. Sign the petition demanding a pay rise for McDonald's staff.


Email Paul Pomroy - the UK boss of McDonald's to let him know what it's like:

Here are some writing tips:

  1. Add stories of what you've seen in your branch, the more branches he hears about, the more he will realise that it's not just a couple of stores.

  2. Include specific things like if you couldn't pay a bill due to bad shifts, or if you struggled to support yourself or your family.

  3. Be totally honest.

Please remember to be polite!

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