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To David Tom Potts, CEO of Morrisons

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Dear David Tom Potts, CEO of Morrisons

Right now, all of us are working non-stop to supply customers during this crisis. We're keeping the shelves stocked and making sure the vulnerable have access to food and essentials.

Morrisons is making millions, and I'm sure you will get rewarded for that. But us staff aren't being rewarded at all. Staff at Tesco and Aldi are being recognised with a 10% bonus.

Please give all staff a 10% bonus from the start to the end of this pandemic, based on hours worked (not hours contracted).


Morrisons staff and customers

Why is this important?

Tesco and Aldi have already given 10% bonuses to all staff, to reward them for working so hard through this tough time. Morrisons could easily afford this with the millions being made right now. We are essential workers and Morrisons has enough to reward us.

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