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Open letter

To Gerard Lemos, Chair of Council, and Jo Horsburgh, Registrar of the University of York,

University leaders succeed best for their institutions when they have the confidence and understanding of staff and students. In order to secure such confidence and understanding, it is imperative to ensure that a university's activities and procedures are as transparent, inclusive, and participatory as possible.

It is no more than common sense, therefore--as well as a matter of good governance--that staff and students should be directly involved in the selection process of the new Vice Chancellor here at the University of York.

We the undersigned call for the full inclusion of non-management staff and student representatives on the selection panel, including but not limited to representatives from UCU and YUSU. Such representation will bring front line experience and commitment to the panel's work, as well as demonstrating the quality, inclusion, and collegiality of this decision-making process, whose outcome will be so consequential for the future of our community.

We look forward to your reply.

Best wishes,

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