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Open letter

Dear Olly Benzecry, MD of Accenture UK and Accenture HR;

Please can you set up a rental deposit scheme to help employees living in rented accomodation?

At least 25 employers across London already do this. It's just like a season ticket loan, but for private rental deposits instead.

If your employees could spread the cost of the tenancy deposit, it would really help people who rent their accomodation. You already do this for season tickets, so the same kind of interest-free loan is easy to impliment.

Just like a season ticket loan, please allow employees to access interest-free loans of up to £2,000 towards private rental deposits. You would then take the repayments from the net salary in 10 or 12 instalments.

Yours sincerely,

Why is this important?

Renting in and around London is expensive, with many paying £1,000s for a rental deposit every time they move. And often you don't get your old deposit back before you have to pay the new one.

When the letter hits 50 signatures, your employer will be sent a pack on how to set up the scheme from the Mayor of London's office.

Sign the letter to ask Accenture if they can start offering this scheme.

Next step - spread the word

Please share the open letter, once it hits 50 signatures, a pack on how to impliement the scheme will be sent (along with the letter) to your employer.
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