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To Boris Johnson and Edward Argar MP, Health Secretary

I have not seen my children for 3 weeks because I’m working around the clock as manager of a pharmacy. I am in a constant battle with my wife as she feels like I am too exposed to the virus and is constantly asking me to stop working. I have no choice but to keep going.

My pharmacy serves hundreds of people and my staff are exposed to the virus everday, they’re scared and looking to me for help. I have already had two members of staff isolated.

We were given a small box of masks about two weeks ago, share those between the staff members and they didn’t last a week as they are disposable. Right now, some of my staff will not come out to serve customers in fear of their safety. We must stay open to help the public. No proper protection is putting lots of people, including ourselves, at real risk every day.

Without pharmacies like mine, the country would be down to its knees. And if we keep working without protection, that could happen very soon. We need proper protective equipment for all pharmacy staff now.

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Dear Boris Johnson and Edward Argar MP, Health Secretary,

Pharmacy staff are frontline staff. But at the pharmacy I manage, we're not treated that way. We have no protective equipment. My staff and I care for hundreds of people every day. We're constantly exposed to the virus and if all of us have to isolate and the pharmacy has to shut, that will put my whole community at risk.

All pharmacy staff should be given full, certified personal protective equipment (PPE) as quickly as possible. Not doing so is putting millions of lives at risk.


A pharmacy manager

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