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To Matt Hancock, Minister for Health

I work as a cleaner in a hospital and I know that my job has never been more important. But I'm terrified because I don’t have the right equipment to do my job properly. And it’s all to save money. My hospital outsources cleaning to agencies and the agency I work for is always trying to cut costs, so they've barely provided any equipment and it's costing lives.

That's why I'm starting a campaign asking for every agency to give all cleaners full protective PPE by law - with a punishment if they don't. At a time like this, saving lives should be more important than saving money. If you agree, please sign the petition:

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To Matt Hancock, Secretary for Health,

I'm a cleaner at a hospital and I don't have the protective equipment I need to do my job properly. We may not be nurses or doctors, but we are frontline staff. I'm constantly around patients on both covid positive wards and other wards. I'm doing my job in fear because the agency I work for won't provide me with what's needed - and I know I'm not alone.

I'm scared for the hundreds of patients in my hospital being put at risk, all so that the agency can save money. I want to be able to do my job properly beacuse it's what needs to be done - but the rules need to change to let me do it properly.

Please make all agencies provide full protective equipment (PPE) to all hospital staff, along with complete instructions and safety policies. Please ensure that any agencies not doing this are punished.

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