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Frontline workers - like teachers, carers and firefighters - are working long, gruelling hours in dangerous conditions through the pandemic on low pay to provide us with essential services when we need them most. Hundreds have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Now, instead of rewarding them for their hard work, Rishi Sunak is thinking about freezing their pay for another three years. There's clearly money in the coffers for big pay rises for MPs and a £16 billion boost to military spending - but for those of us who have been fighting on the frontline at home all year, there never seems to be enough to go around.

Please sign this petition asking Rishi Sunak to give our brave and dedicated frontline workers the pay rise they deserve.

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To Chancellor Rishi Sunak,

Our brave public sector workers have been on the frontlines of the pandemic all year. If there's money in the coffers for a £3,000 pay rise for MPs and a £16 billion increase in military spending, there's got to be money for the tireless teachers, carers and firefighters who have been manning the frontline here at home.

Freeze MPs pay instead of frontline workers pay.

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