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To Ben Lewis, CEO of River Island Clothing Co Ltd

- Give us *actual* flexible working, stop ignoring requests to change or swap shifts
- Let us take our holiday when we need it (eg. school holidays) not when it’s convenient for you
- Don’t force staff to work overtime or extra hours
- Train your managers in mental health awareness


River Island Staff and Customers

Why is this important?

River Island says it allows staff to swap shifts. But working at River Island can be really difficult:

'Swapping shifts isn't allowed even with short shifts when everyone at the store is willing to do swaps.'

'I couldn't have Christmas with my family.'

'The position I'm given in the shop affects my mental health and none of the managers try to understand where I'm coming from or do anything to help.'

'When you aren't allowed to swap a shift - I had to call in sick to attend a funeral.'

'I have a young daughter and me and other mums have had issues with being able to take annual leave during the school holidays.'

'I've watched colleagues forced into working loads over Christmas, managers sometimes tell staff it's in their contract to do extra hours when asked, but in fact it's a lie.'

'When I needed to take time off for my mental health and I couldn't speak to my manager to change my shifts.'

'I work part time with two young children and I have a mental illness. I recieve no sick pay from the company. The stress of struggling to make ends meet makes my illness much worse.'

'One particular member of staff is a single mother with 3 children and although it is her right to have unpaid leave if she cannot get sufficient child care, the managers will be rude and hold a grudge if she takes it. I feel that enough support from head office and higher up the chain would provide certain members of staff the confidence to exercise their rights at work.'

Sign the petition demanding a change to how River Island treat their staff.

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Anonymously email the CEO of River Island to let him know what working at River Island is really like.

Here are some things to consider while writing:

  1. Add stories of what you've seen in your store, the more stores he hears about, the more he will realise what it's like.

  2. Include the reasons that you have been told you were not allowed to swap shifts in the past.

  3. Try and include some of these stats:

    - 60% of us wouldn't have to lie and call in sick to go to hospital appointments or funerals.

    - 37% of us have been bullied, there should be something in place to stop that, not just help us deal with its consequences.

Please remember to be polite.

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