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Through no fault of our own we are unable to return to work and open theatre houses yet. The current furlough scheme is set to end in October meaning many of us will face being laid off or having our contract terminated

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Extending furlough for those in the Arts will save thousands of jobs, the industry that we all love, protects those in need of support until their place of work can reopen safely, and peace of mind rather than facing redundancy when the furlough ends in October.

I speak about my own place of work where it isn’t just a job, it’s my hobby. The people I work with aren’t just my work colleagues they are family. I cannot imagine my future not working alongside them in a building where I truly feel happy.

Something needs to be done to help us and protect our jobs. Otherwise we risk saying goodbye to Theatres.


Despite what has been said in the News today that ‘Theatres can now reopen’ they will only be able to operate at 50 capacity and this is NOT viable for many Theatres. Which means NOTHING has changed for many staff of the beloved Arts industry.

Please sign and save us!

Thank you for your time!

Hannah x

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