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To Dave Lewis, CEO of Tesco

Give all your 'Festive Colleagues' the choice to get paid normally, not on a prepaid card.

The pre-paid cards you are currently using to "pay" some temporary staff charges them when they take out money, pay any bills or set up direct debits. This means that Tesco staff are being charged to use their own wages.

It's not fair to bypass a proper payment system just to save a few pounds during a festive season that will earn Tesco millions. Everyone should have the choice of how they're paid.


Tesco staff and customers

Why is this important?

Here's what one of their 'Festive Colleagues' said: "I've picked up a job as a Christmas Temp at Tesco this Winter, gave in my bank details as requested for being paid as per the letter contract. However, I've received a Tuxedo prepay card. They've said I will be paid through this pre-loaded card to save Tesco on their administrative fees."

Tesco are normally a good company to work for, but this Christmas a few temporary staff are being sent Tuxedo cards to be paid their wages, instead of being paid to their bank accounts.

This card charges them to take out any money, to pay any bills and to make any direct debits. It also charges you £10 just to close the card down. So the system means they are being charged to use the money they have earnt.

Here's what the mum of a young temporary employee had to say:

"My daughter has just started a Christmas temporary job at Tesco. She worked for them last year and was paid through her bank account and provided her details again this year. Today she received a Tuxedo card - she was not aware of this change and did not agree to anything. I'm not happy that she'll have to pay to withdraw cash in order to transfer her wages to her bank account!"

If we make enough noise and show Tesco that this is unfair, we can make sure these staff get a choice in how they're paid in the run up to Christmas. Sign the petition, it takes less than two minutes:

[1] The company Tesco use for this card talk about it on their website:

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