To Tom Elvidge General Manager of Uber London and Kieran Harte Uber Head of Cities

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To: Uber London

- Comply with TfL recommendations
- Give Uber drivers proper rights at work
- Make sure your customers are safe


Uber drivers and customers

Why is this important?

If uber play by the rules, they can get their license to operate in London back and none of us lose out.

Transport for London have told Uber they are not allowed to operate in London because of a “lack of corporate responsibility”. This includes drivers not being given the rights that people in employment should get.

Uber need to give drivers the rights they deserve and comply with TFL requirements, rather than let 40,000 people lose their jobs and force Londoners to take a riskier journey home.


Kieran Harte Uber Head of Cities

Please email Uber's London Manager to tell him what Uber can do to get their license back:

  • 1. Be polite! Explain why you want Uber to shape up and get back their license
  • 2. If you use Uber, make sure you mention why you value the app - this will make sure they take our demands more seriously
  • 3. If you drive for Uber, mention this at the start of your email

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