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Dear Theresa May,

Don't scrap paid holidays when we leave the EU. Keep the working time directive - protect paid holidays and don't let dodgy bosses force people to do 48+ hours of overtime.

Yours sincerely,

Why is this important?

The Government is talking about scrapping paid holidays after Brexit. [1] Whether you work for a great company or a dodgy one - for the last 20 years everyone should get at least 20 days paid holiday. If we don’t challenge this, some people are going to get completely shafted by their employers.

Before we got the ‘working time directive’, bad bosses didn’t have to pay you for holidays. The law also means your boss can’t force you to work more than 48 hours a week if you don’t want to. These laws are there to protect everyone. To make sure dodgy bosses can’t exploit people in the UK.

Will you sign the petition demanding the UK keeps the ‘working time directive’ after Brexit?

[1] Michael Gove Accused Of Plotting To Steal Holiday Days From Workers: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/michael-gove-accused-of-wanting-to-steal-holiday-days-from-workers_uk_5a368916e4b0ff955ad3d3e0

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