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Whether your message is for governments, decision-makers, corporations or organisations, Open Letters are a great way to use your voice and build an audience of people who agree with you.

What is an open letter?
An open letter is a letter that is intended to be read by a wide audience. It can also be addressed to an individual but is made available for everyone to see. Open letters are normally published by newspapers and blogs. You can write your letter anonymously or put your name to it.

Here's the Organise guide to open letter writing with top tips for making it as powerful as it can be:

Thanks, your letter will be published when you press 'finish' and your name won't appear anywhere. Once it's published, other people will be able to anonymously sign the letter too. We'll send you the link.

Organise is a platform designed to help people improve their working lives. So all open letters must be about that topic. If you're unsure, just email action@organise.org.uk!
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